"I was shopping at Target today and ran across some of your seedless watermelons on sale for $3.99 a pop. Took one home, cracked it open and WOW!! The crispness, sweetness, and flavor were just amazing. Right now, I'm out in California going to school, but originally from Rocky Ford, Colorado -- home of Rocky Ford Cantaloupe and watermelons. So I know a good melon when I come across one. Keep up the great work, and thanks for this delicious treat!"

     Andy B, Satisifed Customer

“There are only a few unique individuals that stand above the crowd in the produce business, and Danny Andrews is certainly one of them. Weave been proud to partner with Danny since the inception of his company and we've found him to always maintain the highest standards of service, integrity and honesty.”

     Richard Toriggino, Melon Buyer
     Grant J. Hunt Company, Oakland, CA

“Danny is a throwback to an era when men grew and sold their own harvest. If his name is on the box, there is always scrupulous honesty inside.”

     Gib Papazian II, Lettuce Buyer/Owner
     Lucky Strike Farms, Inc., Burlingame, CA

“The Andrews family has always had a reputation of consistently growing the highest quality produce possible. Danny has kicked this up to the next level by insuring that all the crops are responsibly grown, with an emphasis on food safety and professional inputs. Combine this with his honesty and integrity and you have a winner.”

     Mike Molatore, Crop Consultant
     Crop Production Services, Bakersfield, CA

“A rare form of honesty, trust and a passion for quality produce. I have dealt with the Andrews family for many years, and hope to continue to do so for many years to come.”

     Mike Mooney, Carton Supplier
     International Paper, Yuma, AZ

Ranch Office
PO Box 12938
Bakersfield, CA 93389-2938