1. Ranch Site Selection – Pre Season Inspection
  2. Sanitary Survey of Surface Water
  3. Monitoring of water system and during the growing season
  4. Employee training on topics: Global GAPs, GMPs, Safety Policy and Procedures, Pesticides, Sanitation, Personal Hygiene, Reporting Illness, Heat Stress, Operating Equipment, Emergency, First Aid, Personal Protective Equipment, Forklift Training
  5. Monthly Quanti Tray water testing for E.coli and Total Coliform using Method SM-9223B
  6. Pre-Harvest Food Safety Inspection of each block and Daily Inspections during Harvest
  7. Pre-Harvest Laboratory Testing for: E.coli 0157:H7, EHEC, Salmonella and Listeria
  8. Trace-back system (PTI) that allows us to trace every carton back to the field/block, pack date, and crew that harvested each carton to ensure a superior trace back should there ever be a recall
  9. PrimusLabs GFS Annual Certified Third Party Ranch and Cooler Audits
Ranch Office
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Bakersfield, CA 93389-2938