Food Safety

“Good Agricultural Practices” or GAPs were jointly developed by the government and the produce industry in the late 1990s and provide food safety guidelines and standards. GAPs reinforce the laws and regulations governing food safety on U.S. farms.
Dan Andrews Farms LLC follows these 9 guidelines for EVERY crop it grows as we are very serious and committed to food safety.
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We are certified by the CDFA establishing our commitment to food safety. Click the CDFA logo to see more about these programs.
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Food Safety Tips

At the market separate produce from meat, poultry and fish.

Store produce in refrigerator produce drawer. Store raw meat, poultry or fish in meat drawer or on a tray on the bottom shelf below other foods.

Always wash hands, surfaces and utensils with soap before and after each use.

Rinse produce under running water. When possible, scrub with a brush or rub with hands. Dry with paper towels.

Always refrigerate leftovers immediately.
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Food Safety
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